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Emergency personnel in Hazmat suits searched an Australian university only to find a ‘gas leak’ was caused by durians – here are 4 o...

Earlier this month, the king of fruits almost got a man into trouble with the law when he failed his breathalyser test after consuming durians.

Ohmyhome’s Race and Rhonda Wong are mums to toddlers, but they aren’t aiming for a work-life balance – here’s why

"We only have one-and-a-half hours with our kids every day, and those are on our lucky days."

A 15-year study has found a blood test that can predict if a healthy person will have a heart attack or stroke in future

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally, and early detection is essential to prevent it from happening to you.

Malaysians are buzzing about a purported SIA recruitment drive offering S$4,500 in salary and allowances

Highly paid Malaysian Singapore Girls? Not everyone is happy about this.

Malaysia seeks forfeiture of assets seized from ex-PM Najib

Najib said the forfeiture action was being used by authorities to delay or avoid returning the assets, which he said were mostly cash belonging to his political party and gifts from various friends and family.

Malaysia is allowing drivers to tint their car windows as dark as they want, but people are afraid it will help encourage dangerous crime

While the police are on board with the idea, some netizens suggested that the tinted rear windows would allow criminals to hide their faces and kidnappers to conceal their victims.

A teen listened to a scammer pretending to be a police officer, and hid in an Orchard Road hotel to stage his own kidnap

Out of fear, the teenager’s parents transferred RMB 20,000 to a bank account in China to secure their son's release.